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Who is behind FragranTreasures?

Two young Montrealers with an entrepreneurial mind, and with a great passion for fragrances 

just like yourself. Combining our taste for high quality perfumes and our University student lives made us realize that there must be a better way to smell amazingly while not overflowing our credit cards! That's when FragranTreasures was born, a concept without precedent in Canada! Why would anyone pay big money on big bottles that will last you over a year but also get you tired of the same scent when you can try something new and different as often as you wish! 


Affordable, simple and commitment free!

Every month, every 3 months, or maybe once a year? Our subscription box plans are very flexible and commitment free. Join us for a month, cancel for the next, come back later! Offer us as a prepaid gift to someone special maybe? No matter the scenario, you can always cancel without any extra or hidden fees!  Do not worry, we love you, but not at the point of holding you prisoner by our side (unless our fragrances are just that good...)


Honesty is key to a healthy relationship

Let's be honest here...

  • Are we studying business, management or any related fields? No. The team consists of a mechanical engineering and a psychology student... totally unrelated. But what we are is two incredibly motivated people with a great idea willing to do anything to make it come to life. 

  • So why perfumes? Because we realized the lack of fragrant opportunities available in the Canadian market and we wanted to rectify the situation. Canadians shouldn’t have to break the bank or rely on foreign markets to have the fragrance collection that we all deserve. After all, a perfume is not just a scent, it is so much more! Memories, trips, tastes, emotions, butterflies, excitements, laughs... Caption this: you walk down the street on a sunny evening when a stranger passes next to you wearing Oud Wood by Tom Ford . The light sillage enters your nose and reminds you of the smell of smoky wood burning in the family house fireplace while you were playing around with your parents as a child... And now we offer you the opportunity to relive those moments with the fragrances in our subscription box!

  • Is it just us two? Absolutely, everything you see is entirely built by us from start to finish (most of it at 1 a.m. after all the studying is done).

  • Do we love to smell good and get complimented? Ohhh yesss, just like you do (or will do soon)!​

  • Do we have knowledge on perfumes? We started with very common knowledge but after months of research, we can claim getting closer and closer to experts' levels.

  • Do we care about our customers? More than you can imagine. We are in this for you and with you, to offer the best service possible.​

  • Why did we start this? Because we truly believe that everyone should have access to little pleasant treats like a fancy, expensive designer fragrance to apply on as often as you wish and add a smile on your face without going bankrupt. Also, FragranTreasures is not just expensive perfume in a little container shipped in an envelope... We guarantee you the complete royal treatment with every subscription box!

                                                                          - Sincerely, Tadeus and Elizabeth 

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